Andrea Wittgens & Kate Vargas

Patchwork Concert Series , Bedford, Nova Scotia

A Patchwork House Concert is a special experience. It’s a chance to really listen to live music by great Canadian and international artists in a relaxed, intimate setting. It’s kind of like having your favorite artists play in your living room. Heck, that’s exactly what it is! We invite musicians in fairly regularly and our audiences listen…

‘Tickets’ average $20 however we do not sell tickets per se. We ask for guests to make a solid commitment to attend and bring their contribution with them. Shows generally start early (at 8 pm) so we begin welcoming guests around 7:30pm to allow everyone time to get a soft drink (or if you have brought your own, something stronger), grab a snack, find a seat and get comfortable.

Usually we have 2 sets with a break in between for enjoying some refreshments, socializing, and maybe having a chat with one of the artists. CDs and other musician merchandise are often available for purchase so it is wise to bring a little extra cash to pick up a cd or two for your music collection. At the break, we also collect money for the show. All the proceeds go to the performers.