From the recording Alibi

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Words and Music by Andrea Wittgens
Copyright 2006 Trapdoor Escapade Music

Oh when the lights go low and you’re dancing like you should
This could be the top of the world or a circus by the back woods
Paint that town chase it down more like wrestle it to the ground
Still you know when the lights go low you’ll be holding out for this

Love that’s soft and strange
Love to rearrange everything I know
Love that’s scarred and stained and like rebel angels
Love to follow me down

Pay no mind to the shuddering kind, they gonna spook away destiny
I never met a ghost who liked his lot, who didn’t burn with jealousy
Hazy, crazy silhouette of a thing whispering in your ear
Lights go low, you still know you’ll be holding out for this:


Down to where I’ve never seen
Down to where it’s hard to breathe
Down to where the fallen go
When all the pretty stars have gone away


And when you find it never let it go
And when you find it never let it go…

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