From the recording In The Skyline

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Words and Music by Andrea Wittgens
Copyright Trapdoor Escapade Music 2008

“I tried to give you everything that you asked for”
She told you every single day
What an ordinary question to ask her
“When can we go out to play?”

But her tongue’s a funny place where flocks of fancy words
Are perched like the birds of paradise
Always singing, but never leaving her mouth
Til the smile is not a smile no more

So you’re out the door to look for more
(What was that stashed in mama’s closet?)
Hold me close and love me most
Not a word of what she told is true
My blue-eyed fool

The room smells too much like your damn cigarettes dear
And you could use a little air
Now it’s London Calling and the gangs of stealthy lads
are more than you can bare


It’s true everybody’s chasing a secret
Wearing down their Sunday shoes
You can take a well-deserved leave of absence
Then the rest is up to you


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