From the recording Alibi

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Words and Music by Andrea Wittgens
Copyright 2006 Trapdoor Escapade Music

You’ve got style like a highly trained killer
I could try, but I’m highly highly doubtful that I’ve got the winning etiquette
Such a rush, like a snake in the ballroom
I showed up but I’m wilting like a wallflower baby holed up at the corner table
Doo doo doo doo here’s how it goes:

Give me love give me love yeah just enough to mess me up
Just a little taste give a little more give me everything
Oh we’re gonna pack it in like a movie
Nothing less than overkill in under thirty seconds or I know I won’t ever catch the heart of you baby

Take you on like a brand new religion
Start out strong but then I’m ringing round the rosy with a pack of holy rollers
This won’t do cause I’m feeling neglected
Mama says you’re coming soon and holy holy batman blues you’re singing such a lonely tune
Doo doo doo doo here’s how it goes:


In a love song, things should turn out good
Well give my kisses to Mr. Robin Hood
I leave tomorrow - I like it short and sweet
Sweet like fiction with nothing in between


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