From the recording Alibi

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Words and Music by Andrea Wittgens
Copyright 2006 Trapdoor Escapade Music

I know better than hanging ‘round these sort of corners
I know better than that
(You got to hand it to me)
Someone called my name
But I knew better

I know better than worldly conversations
Breeding fantasies
(You know the ones I mean)
They bring you to your knees
Well, I know better

Northern girls get tangled up in southern stories
Southern boys, go west and keep on going
Take a chance
Take the darkest alley you can find
There’s always something better…

I know better than waking at the witching hour
I know better than that
Just close your eyes
And someone calls your name
I know better

I know better then hanging with you conjurers
Just one slip of hand
And your world of wonders…
Sweeps me off my feet
Well, I know better