From the recording Alibi

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 ALIBI WAS JUST AN AFTERTHOUGHT (And down to Mexico, Alright)
Words and Music by Andrea Wittgens
Copyright 2006 Trapdoor Escapade Music

You can come to me like a saint
Trapdoor escapade - A-O-K
Hold me down I may just love you
You can come to me in the night
Proposition me - I just might
Take it south now and I will follow

Alibi was just an afterthought and down to Mexico (alright)
Never got the chance to tell you that I need you so
Off you go like the ghost of a guy that I know (that I know)

You’re a tricky one - I don’t care
Come on track me down anywhere
Oh go on now you almost had me
Take my house of cards it’s so quaint
Calling lucifers and calling saints
Take it south and I will follow


Easy comes but never goes away so easily (ain’t it sweet)
Sting me like a bee or leave me be we’re going to get it down eventually


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