Live n Local: Singer-Songwriters (presented by INWOOD ART WORKS)

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Inwood Art Works Gallery, 4857 Broadway, New York

Inwood Art Works presents


Saturday, December 15, 2018, 8:00pm

Inwood Art Works Gallery - 4857 Broadway

$15 General Admission online and at the door

Inwood is home to an incredibly talented bastion of singer-songwriters, none more talented and delightful than Samatha Echo and Andrea Wittgens. Join Inwood Art Works for an evening of pop-musical goodness from each of these two amazing ladies in solo sets on December 15 at the Inwood Art Works Gallery..

Samantha Echo is a Singing, Songwriting Fairy/Abomination who was allegedly called into existence as the bastard child from an acid-induced one-night-stand between Leonard Cohen and one of the Disney Princesses (it probably happened at the Chelsea Hotel, as we all know, all kinds of shit happened there). She and her music have been described as "somewhere between dangerous and whimsy," (Jack Murray, Unknown Nobodies) meaning that she has fairy wings and a non-threatening babyface but she sings about horrible things; "Dark Fairy Rock" (Jamie Ignao), "Comic Con's Kate Bush" (Janna Pelle) meaning that she has a very high, girly soprano voice and is almost too nerdy to function; and a female incarnation of Morissey (Siv Disa), meaning that her lyrics will bum you out but in a good way.

Andrea Wittgens music has been described by Seattle Sound Magazine as "This imaginative pop maestro’s delivery and message are so delightfully refreshing that it’s hard to remember she’s working from the pop music playbook." Her latest recording project, a set of two 5-song EPs released in late 2016, is the result of five years of songwriting collaborations. The first EP “Girl In A Box” produced by Geoff Stanfield (Sun Kill Moon, Leah Siegel) weaves her darker lyrical material into beautifully strange and cinematic soundscapes while its sister EP “Grace” produced by longtime band-mate and collaborator Vincent Gates, explores the realm of the spirit with more acoustic and gospel-infused instrumentation.

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